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We offer superior service for the selected clients actively trading with large volumes. Once total balance of your account reaches 50,000 EUR/USD, you receive VIP status* and get access to exclusive benefits Orfinex has to offer. Learn the details from your manager.

Contact your manager

VIP Benefits


Personal manager

You personal manager is ready to answer any enquiry you may have at anytime


Exclusive VIP Line

Your inquiries are answered in the first instance through your exclusive VIP line


No commissions

We will cover your deposit and withdrawal fees
(provided certain requirements are met)


Individual portfolio

Our professional consultants will help you build up your personal portfolio according to your preferences.



Request a credit for an amount not exceeding $10 000 for 5 days. The credit amount cannot exceed 30% of your account balance.


Free training

Training courses and consultations with financial analysts are free of charge

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